Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day

Dear Friends,

The Hyannis Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day service at the Federated church on Wednesday night was a wonderful event. Very powerful, poignant, sad, and inspiring. There were excellent speakers, poetry, and musicians. The church was filled to capacity and decorated with translucent paper bags lit from within, each one with the name of someone who had been homeless and died on the cape. It was quite moving.

Seijin and I performed a memorial service as part of the event. We offered incense, a poem, chanted the En Mei Jukku Kannon Gyo nine times (for the number of people who died over the past year), and a dedication. Here’s the poem.

Spring shoots turn green in the summer sun.
Leaves—red then brown in fall, letting go in cold grey winter.
When was anything ever lost or gained?

Sons, daughters, parents, lovers, and friends. Laughing, crying, singing and dancing.
Fully experiencing all of life’s joys and pains.

Noel, Robert, Jens, Pam.
Lance, Bob Q., Bob B., Jody and Elliot:
Never once separate, like moonlight and water.


This world is a dewdrop world, only a dewdrop world,
and yet, and yet…


There was an article in the Cape Cod times on the event with a photo of me playing framedrum and chanting (not whistling) during the service. I believe you can access it at:


Enjoy the holiday weekend, hope to see some of you at winter sesshin.