Ango and Upcoming Events

Dear Friends,
Winter Ango begins Thursday, December 26th. Ango, which translates as ‘peaceful dwelling’, is a three month period when we intensify and deepen our practice. It is suggested that we make a tangible commitment to this aim, such as sitting an extra period or two of zazen each week or attending the all the zazenkai during ango. Check out the Village Zendo Commitment Form for more ideas. You can also download a copy of the The Diamond Sutra, which is our Winter Ango study text.

Mark your calendars for the January 25th zazenkai in Ptown, which will be lead by Myoko Sensei from Village Zendo, and the February 22nd Zazenkai in Hyannis, led by Ryotan Sensei. We are extremely fortunate that these wonderful teachers are making winter treks to the Cape in order to support our practice. Let’s give them a warm welcome with a strong showing at these events.

Please note: Hyannis Zendo will be closed beginning December 24th. Practice will resume on Friday, January 3rd.