Hyannis Zendo Reopening


Dear Friends,

Summer ango 2017 is over. The final ceremony, before the celebratory lunch (which included heirloom tomato sloppy joe, more on that another time), is called Nenju. Here’s part of the dedication:


I respectfully announce to everyone:

Since the Paranirvana of the Great Master Tathagata,

Until this year 2017,

Twenty-five hundred and four years have passed.

When this day has passed, our days of life will be decreased by one.

Like fish living in a little water, what sort of comfort or tranquility can there be?

Let us practice diligently and eagerly as though extinguishing a fire upon our heads.

Let us contemplate impermanence and not squander our actions.

We’re excited to continue the strong summer practice back at our home zendo in Hyannis this Wednesday morning. Please note the new weekly schedule and stay tuned for visits from Roshi Enkyo O’Hara , Sensei Ryotan Eiger, and other senior teachers from the Village Zendo this fall.

in gassho,