About Hyannis Zendo

Hyannis Zendo was established in 2009 as a space to learn and practice meditation, study Zen, share in community, and to explore what this practice means in our lives. We are located in the West End of Hyannis, MA.

With a zendo overlooking a salt water marsh that leads out to the ocean, we have created a respite (sorely needed these days) and an environment for healing and empowerment. Our aim is to offer a peaceful space for people to learn about and practice meditation, and a community to support that practice. While we follow the forms of our Soto Zen lineage, all are welcome to participate.

At Hyannis Zendo, we practice sitting meditation (zazen), walking meditation (kinhin), offer weekly instruction, Zen interviews, dharma talks, and the practice of mindful eating in the formal Zen style (oriyoki). We also hold a monthly day of intensive meditation practice (zazenkai). Please see our schedule for more information.

Hyannis Zendo is an affiliate of the Village Zendo in New York. Fugan Dineen and Seijin Walenga host the practice. Both are students of Roshi Enkyo O’Hara; Fugan is a fully ordained Soto Zen priest and dharma holder and Seijin is a long-time practitioner.