Dharma Talks

A selection of dharma talks

Summer Sesshin Day 8: Dharma Talk by Ryotan Roshi

Ryotan Roshi explores what it means to be intimate with our True Nature.

Summer Sesshin Day 6: Dharma Talk by Fusho Hoshi

In this talk on the 6th day of our summer retreat, student teacher Fusho examines the paradox of trusting ourselves while being able to rest in not knowing.


Summer Sesshin Day 5: Dharma Talk by RyoShin

The Mind is Buddha’s Mind


Summer Sesshin Day 2: Dharma Talk by Myoko Roshi

On the second day of our Summer Sesshin, July 27th, 2022, Myoko talks about the value of rest, wherever we are, to shift and lighten the weight of our loads

Summer Sesshin Day 1: Dharma Talk by Enkyo Roshi

The Light of Sesshin:
Roshi encourages everyone to practice the wisdom of ‘stopping and seeing’ – of allowing the radiant light within us to connect to all of life.

Talk by Fugan Hoshi 7/24/22

In this Dharma talk Fugan Hoshi uses Mary Oliver’s poem “The Buddha’s Last Instruction” to explore how luminosity is revealed in our lives.